About Us

Launched by an Industry Executive


David Drishpon, CEO of Tesserae Technologies, moved from Wall Street to Main Street when he left the New York Stock Exchange in 2013 to help grow his family-owned national tile distributor based in Alpharetta, Ga. For the last seven years until June 2020, David was COO and vice president for one of the largest and most well-known commercial tile and stone importers and distributors in North America.

Leveraging Technology


David administered a complete digital transformation, overhauling enterprise management systems, automating business processes, improving the customer experience, and developing real-time analytics that had a measurable impact on the profitability and equity valuation. He took his company to the next level, unleashing productivity gains that allowed growth, resulting in a successful industry M&A opportunity.

Solving an Industry Problem


As he grew his business, David was constantly frustrated with products on the market. Nothing completely met the needs of his business. They were too expensive, hard to customize, and weren’t intuitive for the tile and flooring industry. In search of a better solution, he partnered with Nextworld, a revolutionary cloud ERP that’s built on a no-code platform. 

Introducing Tesserae Technologies


In 2022, David launched Tesserae Technologies. With the help of the Nextworld platform, the company built Tessera, a technology stack that offers comprehensive industry-tailored solutions specifically for tile, stone, and floor covering manufacturers and distributors.

Our Promise to the Industry

Offer Value

We’re committed to offering solutions that are valuable and affordable. We take expensive discovery and customization effort out of the way.

Have Clear Pricing

We feature clear pricing that is transparent with well-defined scope and responsibilities, so there is no confusion.

Be Goal Oriented

Our approaches are goal-based. For example, initial projects can focus on financials, ERP and warehouse management innovation. 

Be Transformational

Our transformation is impactful, with industry-specific CRM, e-commerce, and transportation management integration made sensible, easy to understand, and even easier to implement.

Consider All Levels

Our services are designed for every size of business, from those outgrowing QuickBooks to those with implemented large-scale ERP systems. 

Make Real Impact

We’re digitally transforming business operations to increase the level of intelligence, the caliber of decision-making, and visibility of data, lowering operational expenses and operating more efficiently.

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