The Tessera Solution

Ready for Digital Transformation?


Tessera is the only true enterprise-level cloud solution made for the tile & stone industry by industry veterans. More than a platform, we offer consulting and implementation to ensure our solutions are effectively driving change, automating processes, and expanding opportunities. 


Ultimately, by implementing digital transformation, a better customer experience and employee empowerment can result in revenue and profit growth for your business.

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Integrated Suite of Transportation Management Applications


This includes parcel and LTL freight rating, shipping, and tracking directly from the cloud ERP. It also includes our container management and receiving applications. With any other ERP, these solutions are add-ons with costly and complicated integrations, but with Tessera it's already built and integrated from day one.

Tailored for Industry Manufacturers, Distributors, Importers, and Multi-location Retailers


We’re designed for SMBs but built for large enterprises and multi-organizational companies, so you’re able to get enterprise-grade functionality with SMB pricing. As the only true enterprise-grade cloud solution made for the industry by industry veterans, it’s the best of both worlds - scalable solutions with built-in knowledge of your business.

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consulting & Implementation


Led by an industry executive with experience operating a national distributor, we help businesses improve their efficiency and profitability with our solution. We examine your current business processes across all aspects of your digital strategy and offer expertise, integrations, and services in TMS and supply chain management, e-commerce, OptiChannel marketing, CRM, and digital enhancements.

Streamlined Technology Stack


With Tessera, you eliminate "Shadow IT" and lower operational costs. You also reduce complexity by simplifying integrations and decreasing the number of tech partners and products.

Best Practices to Grow Revenues


Our applications and consulting services specialize in commercial and wholesale manufacturing and distribution. We introduce best practices to manage commercial projects, specifications, and design firms. We help you manage commercial, builder, and residential organizational units in lockstep to maximize visibility and business intelligence.

No-Code Development Platform


No-code development allows you to customize and build your own business applications for your own practices in half the time and half the cost compared to other modern ERPs.

Actionable Insights


A comprehensive view of your business is provided by role-based information and drillable dashboards. With advanced Excel-like filtering and saved searches, you can easily query data from the list view. You can view summary reports and drill down into the details quickly.

Single Source Reporting


With Tessera, you can report across modules with attributes like customers, suppliers, items, projects, cost codes, and more – all from a single source of truth and directly within your general ledger. You can also take advantage of data cubes, which provide real-time aggregations and organizational data analyses.


Why Tessera? Why Now?

Maintaining profitability has never been more important in today's world of rising prices and economic uncertainty. Tessera ERP is a single integrated, cloud-based platform with a fixed cost per seat. No add-ons. No hidden fees. Only unified management and exceptional value.

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